A childlike sex doll

A Tennessee push to outlaw childlike little sex dolls https://www.sexrealdoll.com/100cm-125cm-sex-doll has advanced in the Legislature. A Senate panel voted Tuesday in favor of the legislation by Republican Sen. Janice Bowling, who said she introduced the proposal at Senate leadership's request. Republican Sen. Mike Bell said the bill would make it illegal to possess, sell, distribute a childlike cheap realistic sex doll https://www.sexrealdoll.com/ or transport one with intent to sell or distribute. Penalties would range from a misdemeanor to a felony. The updated guidelines cover a range of areas, including information on how to assess whether a doll has sufficient childlike qualities to render it obscene. Bell said the bill bans an "obscene, anatomically correct doll, mannequin or robot that is intended for sexual stimulation or gratification." Other states, including Kentucky and Florida, are advancing similar bills. A version of the ban has been considered in Congress within the so-called CREEPER Act by former Republican Rep. Dan Donovan of New York.

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