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What is a DailyDiary?
DailyDiary.com is a free online service that makes it easy for you to keep a diary (or journal) of all sorts of things about your life.
Everybody knows how to keep a diary but a DailyDiary is different from any other diary you've ever seen.
A DailyDiary doesn't have to be made up of just words, it can be numbers too. This lets you keep track of things you can't with any other diary service on the web.
How does it work?
Keeping a diary couldn't be any easier!
Step 1 Sign up for questions you want to answer to create your diary.
Step 2 Reply to simple E-mail reminders sent to your Inbox.
A DailyDiary doesn't have to be kept daily and it can be private or public. You have total control.
Why should I sign up?
DailyDiary can help you lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier, sleep better, remember your dreams, smile more, make new friends, stay in touch, exercise more, share your thoughts, help others, improve your self-esteem, live longer, spend more time with your children, work less, and
much much more.
You can keep a DailyDiary on just about anything!
Sign up and start your DailyDiary today!


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