DailyDiary is the easiest way for you to keep a private diary (or journal, if you prefer) of all sorts of things about your life. But not just a common diary made up of words only. A DailyDiary can have numbers too!

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DailyDiary can help you get on track to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, sleep better, remember your dreams, reflect on your thoughts, smile more, make new friends, help others, stay in touch, improve your self-esteem, work less, spend more time with your family, eat healthier, eat more vegetables, live longer, and much more. You can keep a DailyDiary on just about anything!

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Celebrating 25 Years of Journaling and Self-Tracking
Yeah, we've been doing this awhile.

What do members have to say?

"Knowing the mood of our nation's people could be very valuable information and used to help all of us in some way." Nicky

"For me, DailyDiary gives me a chance to privately keep information, but allows me to get it out, especially if I am having a bad day, it really helps then." Nicole

"I've been getting treatment for depression for years, and I've always lost calendars or whatever, but this works much better." Angela

"It keeps track of how my days go and it's easy to do!" Andrea