what is your pain level currently?

Scale of 1>>10 1 = I wish I was dead 2 = I should be dead by now 3 = Whatever drugs you have please give them to me 4 = OTC pain relievers work somewhat, heating pad helps 5 = Relatively background chronic low-level pain that I've gotten used to 6 = Pain Free! Low energy level, feel need to stretch and flex but lazy 7 = Pain Free Medium energy level, anzty to 'move body' able to TaiChi 8 = Feeling good High energy level, may have background pain but ignore, Exercise! 9 = Hmmm must be slighty buzzed from the medications? Exercise with Smile 10=Rare At Peace with the world, happens maybe twice a year if lucky......

Answer with a number between 1 and 10 (On a scale lowest being 1 to highest 10. 1= I wish I was dead 10=Super Invigorated!) whole numbers only (words optional).

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