How To Buy Genuine Sex Dolls?

How To Buy Genuine Sex Dolls? With the opening of sexual culture, people generally accepted the existence of sex dolls, which gave birth to the rapid development of the real doll industry. But what follows is that many unscrupulous merchants reduce production costs by producing inferior fake COSDOLL sex doll in order to make huge profits, which is a very bad behavior to deceive consumers. We will help you identify fakes and buy high-quality love doll companions by sorting out some methods. How To Identify Curvy Sex Dolls Fakes? When looking at sex dolls, there are several ways to spot fakes. Price - The most obvious way to identify a fake doll is by price. If it's much cheaper than all the other sex dolls on the market, it's probably fake. Unbranded sex dolls - If a site sells unbranded love dolls, but they are using photos of branded real dolls, it means they are stealing the photos and the sex doll you received is advertised. It's not what it says it is. XYcolo Doll is the most popular brand of sex dolls and we often see their pictures used to sell fake love dolls. If you look at a picture of a XYcolo Doll and advertise that the sex doll is unbranded, it's fake. Checking if you're allowed to sell unauthorized sex dolls is a good way to make sure you're not buying fakes. If you contact the manufacturer, they will be able to tell you if the website you bought from is legal. Where Should I Buy European Sex Doll? You may think that buying a sex doll is too risky. You can be deceived wherever you go. But don't worry. There are plenty of places to buy real sex dolls. If you can't find a reliable supplier, or just want to double-check before buying a love doll, visit our Sanhui sex doll forum. This is a great source of information about sex dolls and has a list of legitimate suppliers. This list should be updated regularly and includes all reputed vendors selling real dolls. All reputable suppliers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on new sex dolls, so if they don't, you're probably dealing with an illegal supplier. They should also be able to provide accurate detailed pictures.

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