The story of a sex doll and a scumbag

Although she was a "cheap sex dolls" "made" by someone, she also has the right to say "no"! She is very grateful to him for saving her from the trafficker! But, because of this, he can She sees it as his "body toy" and plays during the day and night. He just plays with her body and has no emotions. She has to work hard, work hard, and work hard to match his desired "posture" and Angle", lifelike sex dolls. It’s all because of her fate that was so unsatisfactory. The "people" she met would be bullied by his handsome devil, from the inside and out, up and down. However, it depends on him. For the sake of being "excellent" sex doll torso , she reluctantly gave him the high-level skills of "sexing" with grievances. However, she did not expect that she would "sacrifice" and "bathe" in sex with him. Suddenly she discovered that she was just his bed-warming tool, a plaything when he was bored. Also a substitute for another woman! Damn! Who does he think he is? She is not the kind of casual woman! So, she puts on her backpack, pats her butt and leaves, how can she know... alas... ... before she had time to leave, she was stunned by those silly ghosts, just when she thought her life was about to end, he, he, he... actually "make magic" in front of her anime sex doll . Not only did the "that" hiding him in the clothes show up in front of her, it also implied that after she escaped, he could "do business", what a damn thing.

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