Did your children call you today?

Did your children call YOU today? Do they ever call you or do they expect for you to always be the one to call? Are your children incapable of making a phone call (i.e no hands, toes or nose)? It is NOT JUST the parent's responsibility to call their child. The child should also call the parent. Does your conversation with your child work one way? You talk and the child "uh huh"'s you and does not appear to really be interested in or may be afraid of talking to you? All relationships work 2 ways. Give/Give or Take alone relationships do not work, even if it is a parent/child relationship. Do you think your children are being prevented from calling you by the other parent? Could they be afraid to talk to you because of the pressure of the parent they live with (emotional blackmail, parental alienation, etc.)? What are your thoughts about your child never calling you? If your relationship with your child is not 50/50, this question is for you.

Answer with a number between 1 and 2 (where 1 = NO 2 = YES) whole numbers only (words optional).

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