Air conditioning PCB maintenance precautions

With the arrival of summer, the frequency of use of air conditioners is getting higher and higher, followed by the maintenance of air conditioners. According to statistics, 70% of air conditioners are damaged due to pcb boards. This article will explain the maintenance precautions of FS Technology's air conditioner circuit boards. Printed circuit board current problems There are many problems that need to be solved in repairing an air conditioner circuit board. First, let's explain what happens when a string is expanded. The inductance of the printed circuit is kept to a minimum because the disturbance caused by its transient current in the printed circuit of the PCB circuit is mainly inductive component. The main method is to connect a horizontal line on one side of the printed board and a vertical line on the other side, and then use a cross hole to connect the metal chemical diameter Printed circuit board material issues Because there will be some cross height problems between the wires of the FS Technology PCB circuit board, in order to suppress this phenomenon, when designing and wiring, try to avoid long-distance same wires, and try to separate the Is wires from each other. The signal wire should not be connected to the ground wire. It crosses the power line far in the middle, and sets up ground traces between some signal lines that are very sensitive to interference, which can effectively suppress serial interference FS Technology pcb board The actual situation of pcb maintenance In the actual maintenance of the air conditioner computer FS Technology board, first check the power circuit reset circuit, then replace the crystal oscillator, and then check the receiving remote control circuit. Finally check for CPU replacement. Because the CPU PIN change is the most difficult and expensive, more importantly, the CPU damage is very low, do not easily replace the CPU in the microcomputer control circuit

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