How do you feel about what happened with your relationship today?

Teachers can use Barrett’s Alternative Grading System (BAGS) to grade students more fairly and in a more understandable way. Teachers benefit because the system is easy and doesn’t present on 4/10 of a scale like the current 60 to 100 point scoring system. It also allows the teacher to inform students and parents when the student has done exceptional work and when he or she has done no work at all. The current system does not allow a teacher to numerically inform parents that the student has done nothing. The system works like this: Grade Reason 0 Did nothing, No effort attempted 1 Subpar performance, Well below average, Minimal effort 2 Below average performance,Some effort but wrong results 3 Average, Some effort, correct results 4 Above average, Good effort, Good results 5 Well above average, Excellent effort, Excellent results

Answer with a number between 0 and 5 (where 0-No effort attempted; 1-Subpar performance, minimal effort; 2-Below average perf., some effort, wrong results; 3-Average, some effort, correct results; 4-Above average, good effort and results; 5-Well above average, Excellent effort and results) whole numbers only (words optional).

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