Netizens' comments on raising realistic sex doll

Objection to silicone sex dolls Raising realistic sex doll as children makes me feel a little terrified. It's okay to use dolls to solve physiological needs, but how do the roles switch when children need to be adapted to their needs? I feel extremely terrified that this type of person is prone to pedophilia, and even the children of relatives must keep a distance from such people! Isn't it scary to have a sex doll lying beside you at night? kash doll sex tape I always think people who like sex dolls are pedophiles, don't hit me In the final analysis, it is a mental illness, there are obstacles in communicating with people, and it is only possible to regain self-confidence, self-confidence, self-confidence, and disgust when facing silicone sex dolls all day. Have a supportive opinion on japanese sex dolls If sex dolls can make themselves confident, escape some pain, and avoid suicide and depression, it is not a bad idea. Existence makes sense. understand them. Understand that japanese sex dolls can be used as a spiritual sustenance The sorrow of modern man, the sorrow of modern marriage. Marriage is more and more like a business transaction, and sex dolls can be used to escape this twisted societ sex doll pornhub He didn't hurt anyone, isn't he better than those rapists? Sex dolls may solve crime problem Although I wouldn't raise any sex dolls myself. But I understand these people, and I hope that in the future, the technology will become more mature, and the mini sex dolls will have temperature and artificial intelligence implantation. They are better than gays after all. After I work, I will spend 20,000 to buy a real sex doll They just need a listener, and sex dolls are a good choice Neutral opinion on mini sex dolls Understand it, neither agree nor disagree. In fact, one’s life is quite short. If you can find a way that you like and accept, it may be success. As long as it doesn't get in the way of others, everything is fine. Not for, not against.

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