Were you passionate about something today?

I might wager that if perhaps you do not have something that is completely or totally over your head and obsessive about, then you're most likely not living the kind of deeply passionate and wild life that you ought to be. Today before you make a point if you are the rational type or perhaps ardently have confidence in the rationale and power of reason, take time to look at this simple question. What is the meaning of life if perhaps you have practically nothing you need to live for, somebody you have to spend every single waking minute with, something that makes you wish to pull a 'Tom Cruise' plus hop on your couch, shout towards the top of your lungs along with exclaim your love for it or some thing you simply wish to stay home for and avoid all sorts of parties in addition to other temptations for? For me personally, there are generally a ton of things that I feel I am seriously obsessive about. And whenever I am excited about something, I won't hide it. Hopefully by the end of this specific personal sharing piece, you'll discover your dark and deep obsession as well.

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