Lifelike sex dolls improve the quality of sex life

In sexual life, many couples choose condoms for contraception. Condoms are a good contraceptive method. However, with people's continuous exploration and pursuit of sex, more and more novel condom usages have appeared. brought fun. How to use lifelike sex dolls to bring novel stimulation to sexual life? Let's take a look at these stimulating sexual methods using condoms. 1. Two condoms last longer For men who love premature ejaculation, two sets can be worn. After wearing a condom, wrap a circle of toilet paper on the glans, not too thick, so as not to ejaculate for 1 hour. 2. The effect of condom rubber ring Prepare a cover, cut the cover off, only the rubber band is left, put it in the silicone sex dolls, and then put another one on, it is guaranteed to make your woman orgasm, which is extremely exciting! 3. Funny gameplay Cover the cover to the end, then cut off the front, be careful not to hurt your brother, and then put one on, it's fun to play! ues silicone sex dolls please put some lubricant in the condom If your Chinese sex doll is better, you can choose to get some lubricant in the cover, and then put on the cover. When you play, you can feel the double stimulation and feel comfortable and cool! Many people may not realize that condoms have such miraculous effects, but gender experts would like to remind everyone that no matter what you use condoms for, you should pay attention to their essential function of contraception, if you ignore it for the pursuit of stimulation The contraceptive effect of ., then the unexpected pregnancy will not be worth the loss. next story IROKEBIJIN doll AXB doll

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